Bridgewhat's capital

Gonçalo Moura Martins and Pedro Pereira da Silva join Bridgewhat's Capital

The digital platform Bridgewhat, founded by Paulo Morgado and Ana Paula Reis, has been strengthened by the entry of new shareholders and the allocation of a portion of the capital for the sweat equity of its main executives.

The new shareholders, who have extensive experience in senior management positions in multinational companies and in business projects, in sectors including, among others, distribution, technology, and infrastructure, see enormous potential for the development of Bridgewhat and the deepening and diversification of its business model.

Paulo Morgado will be the sole founder to remain as a shareholder and leader of the project.

Bridgewhat is an Iberian B2B platform, but with a global vocation, aiming to promote business growth through the structuring of commercial and marketing tools, specific know-how, and the fostering of partnerships, helping in the digital transition, as well as promoting counseling led by advisors with exceptional capacity and international experience.

Emphasizing its vocation to help SMEs reach ambitious levels of growth, Bridgewhat was recently selected by COTEC Portugal as the platform for promoting one of its projects (Connect 4.0), at the level of business growth, internationalization, and innovation, also intending to empower companies in the adoption and expression of ESG policies.

For Gonçalo Moura Martins, one of the shareholders, Bridgewhat plays an essential role as a hub of qualified companies seeking to expand their business, particularly at an international level, a hub whose interest for professional and financial services markets is undeniable. For Pedro Pereira da Silva, another shareholder, Bridgewhat will likely become one of the main engines for rapid development for companies from Iberia, the CPLP, and LATAM.


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Yearly / 2.100€
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With the Silver package, you can promote offers created on the platform through a few clicks/fields and autonomously, using the following sales tools:

  • Electronic trade fair (EXPO): publication of offers specifying the job to be done, unique selling proposition, and other attributes that help emphasize the strengths of the product/service.

  • Campaigns: “irresistible” offers, which are based on a scoring model that measures the competitiveness of the offer by classifying the business case, identifying the benefits of the campaign, and discounts that make it even more competitive. 

  • Protocols: special conditions (price, products…) for services and products to be used by Bridgewhat participants. 

  • Samplings: You can give a Bridgewhat participant a “free trial” of your services or products. Not only you are building brand awareness but also grasping feedback that helps you to improve your offer.

    I am looking for: If, after researching among sellers you still haven’t found the best offer to help your company accelerate its growth, ‘as a silver and up’ participant you can publish a specific need, and Bridgewhat makes its best effort to find you a suitable seller.