Paulo Morgado

Juan Maria Nin

Former CEO of CaixaBank (Spain)

"Paulo is a tenacious businessman, an expert in sales, with great analytical and execution skills."
November, 2020

Jose Honório

Former CEO of Portucel (Portugal)

"Paulo is a talented and hard-working person, focused on performance and looking for to achieving the extra mile."
December, 2020

António Domingues

Former Vice-Chairman of Banco BPI (Portugal)

"From the experience of working with Paulo Morgado, I remember and highlight the careful, well-informed preparation, and the challenging attitude, without constraints. To do more and better..."
December, 2020

Gonçalo Moura Martins

CEO of Mota-Engil (Portugal)

"When I talk to Paulo, I confirm that intelligence does not harm pragmatism."
December, 2020

Liliana Laporte

General Manager Iberia, Mediterranean, Adriatic & Balkans Territories of Sony PlayStation

"I have always admired Paulo for his professional competences, from which I would highlight Paulo’s long-term strategic approach – focused on exponential growth – combined with a remarkable working capacity and resilience."
January, 2021

Miguel Stilwell d' Andrade

Chief Executive Officer at EDP and EDPR (Portugal)

"Paulo is extremely focused on performance and delivering results, within a strong analytical framework and with a very direct plain-spoken attitude."
April, 2021

Paul Hermelin

Chairman Of The Board at Capgemini (France)

"When I visited customers with Paulo, I was always struck by his deep understanding of their needs and his energy to beat their expectations."
April, 2021

Nuno Amado

Chairman of the Board at Millennium BCP Bank (Portugal)

"Paulo is a focused, talented and competent professional, with good management and project skills and with experience in both strategy and implementation."
April, 2021