What we do

A B2B platform that fosters reputation, sales and marketing content, business opportunities and strategic advisory, following the 4C’s Growth Journey – Community, Credentials, Connections, Counselling.


Scoring Board
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We firmly believe that the new competitive advantage of companies will be based on platforms. In this context, from Crystal, BridgeWhat offers access to a community of curated Participants focused on growth opportunities. These Participants also include sellers that provide services around the 20 Levers of Growth.


Silver Participants have a dashboard – The Scoring Board – in which several visibility and reputation KPI’s are displayed. Participants can also publish in the BridgeWhat platform, and via other media Partners, in order to stand out out from the crowd. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to create business protocols.


Starting at Gold Package, Buyers and Sellers can match opportunities to develop projects related to the 20 Levers of Growth via the Needs & Leads functionality. Additionally, Buyers can build Campaigns offering products and services to their own markets by following a BridgeWhat template of best practices.


Platinum Packages include four monthly hours of online advisory, on Strategic Foresight and Sales Growth, provided by renowned advisors selected and approved by BridgeWhat. Additionally, on a pay-per-use basis, Bridgewhat will also make available Specialists for each of the levers or for acting as PMO responsible.