Who we are

Our vision: One day, remarkable networks will continuously bridge and deliver sustainable growth as a purpose for human development.

Building Bridges

Our backgrounds give us a unique blend of recognised skills to help you to build bridges between

sales and marketing
digital and human networks
buyers and sellers

to achieve your most ambitious targets and desired outcomes in terms of growth.

Ana Paula Reis

Ana Paula Reis is an entrepreneur and co-founder of SelPlus and Seldata (2002-2018). Board Member of Bynd Venture Capital, Ana is an EXCO Member of the YPO Entrepreneurship & Innovation Network, NED, mentor and advisor for companies and projects in different sectors and life stages.

Ana had a successful career at Mars from 1990 to 2000, where she was Management Team Member in Portugal and Spain since 1992, holding several senior management positions in Planning, Operations, Finance and Sales in Iberia, serving and leading different international projects.

Having a 30 years long career, Ana has held several senior level functions, building an experienced, solid reputation in Sales, Technology, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Ana earned a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School in 2007 and a B.S. degree in Business Management from ISCTE, in 1990. In 2017, Ana took the Harvard Business School, Women on Boards – Succeeding as a Corporate Director Program.

Paulo Morgado

Paulo Morgado is an entrepreneur, a C-Suite executive and strategist. He is a former Executive Vice President of Capgemini, where he held the position of CEO of the Portuguese (2003-2014) and Spanish (2014-2018) offices.

He has been working in the Professional Services industry for more than 25 years (having integrated firms as Roland Berger and Banco Finantia), focusing on strategy and IT consulting, along with M&A. He has a solid reputation as a specialist in business turnarounds levered on sales growth.

Paulo has a Doctor´s degree in Business Administration (Ph.D) from the Nottingham Trent University, and a MBA from UCLouvain, along with university degrees in Business and Law, and and a MPhil. He also got multiple certifications in Digital Transformation, granted by the most prestigious EU and USA schools.

Paulo still plays an active role in academy, having published eight books on business-related topics, and lectured Corporate Strategy in top Business Schools, such as Instituto de Empresa or Porto Business School.

Our Values

We take growth as an ongoing process of improvement and development in a 360º approach, as a means of personally and collectively get to a higher level of achievement and fulfilment. Personal and business growth is a basic requirement of long-lasting performance and survival.


We believe in diversity as a catalyser of superior performance, with a direct impact on creativity and disruptive innovation. We welcome and nurture diversity as a magnet for talent, a wide range of competences and experiences, collective intelligence, leading to new ways of problem solving. Combining diverse growth levers is at the root of our culture and what makes us unique.


We understand knowledge capturing, development and application as a necessary, structural pillar that shapes our business and culture, is central to customer value creation and a driver of alignment for those that work with us. We are content and framework oriented with an acute business intuition accumulated over more than 50 years of combined experience in strategy and sales growth.


We lead by example taking full accountability for our actions and decisions, respecting our stakeholders, under the sustainable development umbrella. We consistently show the highest levels of enthusiasm, passion and assertiveness in all areas of our involvement, putting hard work to the benefit of our clients, our people and all those we partner the growth journey with.


We take no compromises on honesty and trust, under open, direct, transparent and respectful communication in all our actions and dealings, walking the talk. We shape our future on freedom and independence of spirit.

In the business context, “It is not enough to be profitable. Companies must also grow.
In fact, if you don’t grow, you won’t be profitable for long. Staying with the same customers, products, and markets is a recipe for disaster. Investors want to see a growing top line; employees want to have more advancement opportunities; and distributors want to serve a growing company. Growth is energizing. An old maxim says: ´If you stand still, you get shot’.”
(Philip Kotler)