BridgeWhat offers you
a community, credentials, connections and counselling
to accelerate your sales growth!

Get to know the BridgeWhat 20 Levers of Growth around the
Five Stages of Client Engagement
About Us

BridgeWhat targets medium and large size clients in Spain and Portugal that want to grow and put at their disposal a group of companies that are or aspire to be the best in class for each of the BridgeWhat 20 Levers of Growth (20LOGs).

In addition to this know how on how to grow, through a digital and human platform, BridgeWhat offers a space to show case your company and, acting as a sales channel, makes sure that Participants match their Needs & Leads, developing business through concrete opportunities.

We rely on an ecosystem of Client Success Affiliates – Agents and Associates – and Strategic Advisors to assist our participants in their growth journey. Both these affiliates and advisors go through a rigorous selection process to be compliant with BridgeWhat client centric standards and methodologies.

We can help you grow your company by bridging digital and human trustworthy networks taking advantage of our 50+ years of combined experience in Sales, Technology and Strategy. We bring to you the worldwide best in class companies to deliver your most ambitious sales growth targets.

Why BridgeWhat

The Challenge:
Sales Growth

For the vast majority of industries and their ecosystems, growth has become the number one business priority. To achieve this goal, companies need to combine their core competences with those of partners with whom they can form value networks to thrive competitive advantage.

The Problem:
Low Visibility,
Low Touch

Nevertheless, not only large and mid-sized companies struggle to select the right partners due to the capillarity and perfusion of alternatives, but small companies, and particularly recent start-ups, are frequently invisible. These “distance” risks to become greater in the context of a low touch economy, with less personal contacts.

The Solution:
High Trust,
High Tech

Create a common language of growth between sellers and buyers
– the BridgeWhat 20 Levers of Growth.

Offer our participants a digital platform through which they will develop
the following business assets – the 4C’s Growth Journey:
Community – access to a growth platform
Credentials – showcase your company
Connections – find business opportunities
Counselling – get knowledgeable advise