Advisory Services


In today’s competitive business world, insightful guidance can be the differentiator between stagnation and growth. Our platform connects your company with a top group of Advisors composed exclusively of former CEOs and CXOs from national and international companies. These are professionals who have not only witnessed but also shaped the success stories of corporate growth.


How Can Our Advisors Help Your Company?

Bridgewhat Advisors are willing to share their experience and knowledge built throughout their C-Suite level careers.

Why increase your risk and waste your resources when someone
can show you the way?

How can you access the Bridgewhat Advisors?



If you are not yet a Participant but want to know some of our Advisors, please download our app and feel free to ask more about each of them.


If you are already a Bridgewhat Participant, we offer 3 options for accessing our Advisors:

Ad hoc days

If you have a Silver and up package, you have access to top Advisors with extensive sectorial and market experience, available at 2.700€/day on an ad hoc basis.

12-day package

You can purchase our Platinum package, which includes advisory services at a better price of 2.100€/day.

Plus option

Speaking of special prices, if you hold a yearly subscription for any package (including Crystal) you can add a plus option, valid for 1 year, that offers you 12 hours of advisory services.


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Get new angles on how to increase your sales around the five stages of client engagement: Attraction, Acquisition, ARPU, Retention and Referrals.

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Yearly / 2.100€
Monthly / 210€


With the Silver package, you can promote offers created on the platform through a few clicks/fields and autonomously, using the following sales tools:

  • Electronic trade fair (EXPO): publication of offers specifying the job to be done, unique selling proposition, and other attributes that help emphasize the strengths of the product/service.

  • Campaigns: “irresistible” offers, which are based on a scoring model that measures the competitiveness of the offer by classifying the business case, identifying the benefits of the campaign, and discounts that make it even more competitive. 

  • Protocols: special conditions (price, products…) for services and products to be used by Bridgewhat participants. 

  • Samplings: You can give a Bridgewhat participant a “free trial” of your services or products. Not only you are building brand awareness but also grasping feedback that helps you to improve your offer.

    I am looking for: If, after researching among sellers you still haven’t found the best offer to help your company accelerate its growth, ‘as a silver and up’ participant you can publish a specific need, and Bridgewhat makes its best effort to find you a suitable seller.