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Former CEO of CaixaBank (Spain)


“Paulo is a tenacious businessman, an expert in sales, with great analytical and execution skills.”


November, 2020


Former CEO of Portucel (Portugal)

“Paulo is a talented and hard-working person, focused on performance and looking for to achieving the extra mile.”

December 2020


Former Vice-Chairman of Banco BPI (Portugal) 

“From the experience of working with Paulo Morgado, I remember and highlight the careful, well-informed preparation, and the challenging attitude, without constraints. To do more and better…”

December, 2020


CEO of Mota-Engil (Portugal) 

“When I talk to Paulo, I confirm that intelligence does not harm pragmatism.”

December, 2020


General Manager Iberia, Mediterranean, Adriatic & Balkans Territories of Sony PlayStation 

“I have always admired Paulo for his professional competences, from which I would highlight Paulo’s long-term strategic approach – focused on exponential growth – combined with a remarkable working capacity and resilience.”

January, 2021


Chief Executive Officer at EDP and EDPR (Portugal) 

“Paulo is extremely focused on performance and delivering results, within a strong analytical framework and with a very direct plain-spoken attitude.”

April, 2021


Chairman Of The Board at Capgemini (France) 

“When I visited customers with Paulo, I was always struck by his deep understanding of their needs and his energy to beat their expectations.”

April, 2021


Chairman of the Board at Millennium BCP Bank (Portugal) 

“Paulo is a focused, talented and competent professional, with good management and project skills and with experience in both strategy and implementation.”

April, 2021


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Get new angles on how to increase your sales around the five stages of client engagement: Attraction, Acquisition, ARPU, Retention and Referrals.

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Yearly / 2.100€
Monthly / 210€


With the Silver package, you can promote offers created on the platform through a few clicks/fields and autonomously, using the following sales tools:

  • Electronic trade fair (EXPO): publication of offers specifying the job to be done, unique selling proposition, and other attributes that help emphasize the strengths of the product/service.

  • Campaigns: “irresistible” offers, which are based on a scoring model that measures the competitiveness of the offer by classifying the business case, identifying the benefits of the campaign, and discounts that make it even more competitive. 

  • Protocols: special conditions (price, products…) for services and products to be used by Bridgewhat participants. 

  • Samplings: You can give a Bridgewhat participant a “free trial” of your services or products. Not only you are building brand awareness but also grasping feedback that helps you to improve your offer.

    I am looking for: If, after researching among sellers you still haven’t found the best offer to help your company accelerate its growth, ‘as a silver and up’ participant you can publish a specific need, and Bridgewhat makes its best effort to find you a suitable seller.